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Your professional air duct cleaner in Antioch is a highly trained expert and employs the highest possible safety standards and best practices and business practices.

•       The professional air duct cleaner in Antioch is very familiar with the engineering of your air duct system its interaction with the heating and cooling system.
•       Before cleaning an inspection is done of the air ducts looking cracks, breaks, leaks and for moisture intrusion or mold.

Mold — if found — is very dangerous to your health and the health of your family and visitors. Remediation should be done as soon as possible and you should consult a mold and moisture expert.

•       The inspection also looks for insect or rodent infestation or both.
•       Carpets, floors, furniture, beds and other household items are protected before cleaning starts.
•       Vacuuming is done with the highest safety standards.
•       Vent covers removed and cleaned.
•       Registers, grilles and diffusers are inspected and cleaned.
•       Heat and cooling coils and exchangers are inspected and cleaned.
•       Filters are checked, cleaned or replaced.
•       Fan housing and fan motors are cleaned and inspected.

The Many Benefits of Professionally Cleaning Your Air Ducts in Antioch

Your professional air duct cleaner in Antioch recommends a routine maintenance program once the cleaning is done on the air ducts and parts of the heating and cooling system that process air.