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Signs You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning In Antioch

Dryer vent cleaning in Antioch is more important than you think. In the absence of proper cleaning from time to time, a large mass of lint build up can accumulate in your dryer vent causing a number of problems that include loss of efficiency, as well as a potential risk of triggering a house fire. Therefore, you must carefully watch out for the signs that tell you it’s time to call your dryer vent cleaning contractor.

Clothes Taking Too Long To Dry

When there is lint build up in the dryer vents, the passage for air outflow is constricted, reducing the rate at which it can dry the clothes, this can cause less air to flow and more time taken to dry out all the moisture from clothes. So you need immediate dryer vent cleaning in Antioch if you feel that too much time is being spent drying the clothes.

Clothes Still Feel Damp after the Drying Cycle

If you still find some moisture in the clothes after running a full cycle, it could mean that the dryer isn’t able to evaporate all the moisture effectively. This is a clear sign that you need dryer vent cleaning in Antioch.

Clothes Feel Hot After Drying

If the clothes come out hot, it simply means that the dryer has to work much harder than it should, in order to dry the clothes.

Top of the Dryer Feels Too Hot When In Cycle

This is another sign that the dryer is being heavily taxed in the process of drying, which could be indicative of a constricted air flow caused by lint build up in the dryer vent. Once again, it means that you should be reaching for the phone pronto and calling professional dryer vent cleaning in Antioch.

Clothes Have a Moldy or Musty Smell After Drying

When there is lint sitting in the dryer vents, it absorbs moisture and develops a moldy smell that can transfer to clothes in the dryer. So if you are getting that unpleasant smell, please understand that it is not going to go away unless the lint is cleaned out.

More Lint on the Clothes and Less On the Lint Screen

This would mean that the process of lint screening is not up to the mark. Lint on dried clothes can be very unsightly. To get rid of it and all the aforementioned trouble, you simply need to call up your contractor and have a dryer vent cleaning in Antioch scheduled right away before problems get worse.